TRI-BEAM Premium

TRI-BEAM Premium

New definition of performance and effectiveness of Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

TRI-BEAM Premium™ with 20 Hz provides fast treatment

Innovative laser toning! Rich-PTP toning!

  • Faster toning
  • Safer toning
  • More effective toning


[PTP 1.6J with Maximum 20Hz]



2 Pulse / 20Hz, Powerful Rich-PTP Toning- Fast and effective treatment

2 pulse of TRI-BEAM Premium™ delivers more efficacy and minimizes the adverse effects for Melasma treatment.


20Hz of 2 pulse energy makes faster and safer treatment than current laser toning devices.

Dual pulse 1.6J with Maximum 20Hz

2 pulse low peak energy : less hyper/hypo pigmentation, less pain


High Power energy : 1.6J(per shot)

20Hz Practically 40Hz

Rich-PTP for Subcellular Selective Photothermolysis

  • Deliver high power energy at 1.6J (per shot)- Use 20Hz Practically 40Hz d/t Dual pulse
  • Produce mild thermal effect by 2 pulse peak energy- Minimizes Hyperpigmentation / Hypopigmentation / Pain
  • Simulate collagen remodeling

True Flat-Top Hat Beam

Beam Profile Comparison

  • The TRI-BEAM Premium™ implements a Flat-Top Beam Profile to reduce risks.
  • The laser resonator was designed to allow the uniform distribution of laser output beams to implement the best beam profile.

Flat-top hat mode


Gaussian mode


High power GN mode ? 3,500mJ(Max)

TRI-BEAM Premium™ produces a maximum power of 3,500 mJ in zoom HP 1,064nm GN mode,

collimation HP 1,064nm GN mode, and fractional HP 1,064 GN mode.



  • Dye HP
  • Fractional HP
  • Collimation HP
  • Zoom HP


  • Zoom Handpiece

Adjustable spot sizes between 2-10mm according to the size of the lesion.

  • Collimation Handpiece

Application of the same energy regardless of the distance between the lesion and the handpiece. Allows a safe and fast procedure.

  • Fractional Handpiece

A total of 81 dots are applied in a spot size of 5mm*5mm.

Fractional Handpiece

[81dot / 5 * 5 ?]

All three handpieces of zoom handpiece, Collimation handpiece, and the technology-intensive fractional handpiece are available to use. In particular, the fractional handpiece uses fractional beams (81 spots, 5x5mm) to allow higher fluence (J/cm2) compared to the bulk mode handpiece, allowing it to effectively destroy various pigmentations which were hard to treat before.

Variable Spot Sizes Auto-detected Handpiece

Variable Spot Sizes Auto-detected Handpiece


Adjustable spot size from 2mm to 10mm makes you operate freely in special condition.



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