Regenea Activa ريجينيرا اكتيفا – أمجاد الطبية



When will I see the results?
It depends on each case: age, concomitant diseases, and genetic factors… as AGA is a multifactorial condition. Microscopically, a significant reduction in the number of miniaturized hairs can be observed within three months. By the fourth month, changes in the quality and number of hairs are visible to the naked eye, as well as a high hair density. It is important to stress the importance of diagnosing AGA as the cause of hair loss for the protocol to be effective.

How is AMT®️ different to a PRP Treatment?
With AMT®️ doctors obtain a micrograft solution
that comes from skin biopsies that have the same embryological origin as the receptor site (homologous), meaning that the pathways activated with this procedure are much more specific than in a PRP treatment. Unlike PRP, AMT®️ generates a solution which contains not only growth factors, but also progenitor cells that remain in the patient’s scalp. Those cells will be continuously delivering cytokines, chemokines and growth factors to enhance regenerative properties of the affected area, for years. As a result, the healing will be much more efficient, and the results will be better and last longer.

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