Regenera Orthopaedics

The Rigeneracons®️ SRT

is a sterile disposable class IIa medical device designed to mechanically disaggregate solid human tissue to obtain soluble autologous micrografts in a minimally invasive procedure, without manipulating
the biological tissue. The Rigeneracons®️ SRT comprises a grid with 100 hexagonal holes, each containing 6 calibrated microblades; a helix that rotates through an internal metal ring; and 3 arms. All these elements are thought and designed so that rotation of the helix happens at constant 80rpm, applying a controlled due pressure specially meant to disaggregate biopsies while preventing cellular disruption, keeping their viability, and resulting in an injectable micrografts solution, the AMT®️ Solution.


A new relief for knee pain and stiffness

Autologous micrografting is a new therapy based on the body’s self-healing capacity

Joints are very sensitive to wear and degradation, and unlike other body regions, its healing capacity is limited, leading to pain, stiffness and reduced mobility. Avoid invasive surgeries with autologous micrografting.


Ask your doctor to know if you are a good candidate

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