Vagina Tightening Home Remedies

Vagina Tightening Home Remedies – Being aware and familiar about the hygiene of your vagina is a must, because this awareness is the only that will help you to become able to spot on any changes or irregularities and take actions if there are any changes as early as possible to avoid any complications.


One of the signs that could be annoying to any woman is having loosen or untightened vagina, once they observe such a sign, they start wondering what the reason behind this sign is and how they can tighten their vagina. Through this article, you will become more aware about the reasons behind an untightened vagina, in addition to knowing what the most famous vagina tightening home remedies are.

Reasons behind an untightened vagina:

There are several reasons behind having an untightened vagina, the most famous reason of such a sign is frequent vaginal child delivery, as vagina gets too wide during child delivery in order to allow the baby to get out safely, and after birth it contracts back its normal wideness but muscles become a little bit loosen.

Other reasons behind untightened vagina are frequent intercourse and aging.

Vagina tightening home remedies:

  • Gooseberry

Gooseberry or mainly “Indian gooseberry” is considered one of the most famous vagina tightening home remedies, as it works on tightening the vagina walls, it also have other benefits to skin and hair.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also famous when it comes to vagina tightening home remedies; the extracted gel from Aloe Vera is the component that is used as a remedy for loosen vaginas; it is also useful for skin generally.



  • Curcuma Comosa

It is a ginger like plant that is used to prevent prolapsing of vaginal walls; the inner juice of the fruit is extracted and applied on the genital area regularly.

  • Oak Gall

It is a Thai plant that is very effective in making the vaginal muscles more elastic, the inner liquid of Oak Gall is extracted and applied on the vaginal walls.

Other than vagina tightening home remedies, there are some cosmetic actions that could be used to tighten the vagina, Amjad Medical introduces new devices that are used for vaginal tightening with a better effect than vagina tightening home remedies and with almost no pain with Fotona XS Smooth and TeslaCare devices. These devices are used for tightening vagina; that is why Amjad Medical is becoming the first choice for cosmetic doctors and gynecologists inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf area.

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