Types of urinary incontinence

There are many types of urinary incontinence , which we will focus on them in this article. As many people suffer from the problem of urinary incontinence.


 Stress incontinence

A leak of a small amount of urine occurs when coughing, laughing, lifting a heavy body, or anything that causes increased pressure on the bladder leads to urine leakage \”incontinence\”.

The problem is obvious when the bladder is filled with urine. It is the most common type of incontinence that affects women especially after birth and in menopause. It occurs because of weakness of the pelvic area muscles that support the bladder.


The second one of Types of urinary incontinence is the “Urge incontinence”

In this type, a large amount of urine will leak suddenly without warning and for no apparent reason. The woman suddenly feels like urinating but may not be able to control it and the urine leaks from her before she gets to the bathroom. It may occur during sleep. It occurs because of an involuntary constriction of the bladder.

One of the most common type of types of urinary incontinence is:


Functional incontinence

It occurs in the elderly because of a disease that hinders their access to the bathroom when needed to urinate and the absence of a person to help them to access the bathroom, or loss of perception of time due to aging, such as inability to move and sit in a wheelchair, or suffer from Alzheimer.


Overflow Incontinence, In that case, a complete discharge of the bladder from the urine does not occur during urination. This keeps a large amount of urine in the bladder always leading to a small amount of urine leak every period due to bladder fullness. It is caused by weakness of the bladder muscles (due to neurologic disease or diabetes), or urethral obstruction. This type of incontinence rarely affects women.


Mixed incontinence

Urinary incontinence and urge incontinence occur together.

Transient incontinence

The last one of types of urinary incontinence is transient incontinence:

Urinary leakage is a temporary problem due to some medications, urinary problem, and severe constipation. Once the cause is over, the urine leakage and the patient returns to normal.

The treatment:

Primary treatment includes several instructions or lifestyle changes that will help treat incontinence. In addition to the medical treatment under the specialist doctor. However, the modern treatment is laser, which become the best treatment for incontinence and Gynecology. XS dynamis is the star in this field that is supplied with Er:YAG laser, which have very useful in gynecology treatments and invasive procedures. XS dynamis can be used to treat other pigmented lesions, lesions of the uterine neck and vagina. XS dynamis offers easy and no pain treatment, especially with urinary incontinence.

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