Types of Acne


There are different types of acne, they may vary based on their place, as acne could appear in faces, chests and shoulders; acne in each place of in the body is having a different type, also, types of acne vary based on the nature of the skin.

Acne is considered one of the most skin problems facing people, especially in teenagers and youth, acne mostly causes psychological troubles to youth and teenagers, because it makes them not looking good, which in turn makes them embarrassed and decreases their self-confidence.


Types of acne:

  • Black heads:

A type of acne under skin filled with dust and excess oil.

  • White heads:

A type of acne at the surface of skin that looks white and filled with excess oil.

  • Papules:

A type of acne that are inflamed under skin and appears in small red or pink pimples.

  • Nodules:

A type of acne that that feels hard and large when touched and they are extended under skin, they are painful and must be treated carefully by a dermatologist.

  • Cysts:

Cysts are almost similar to nodules, but they are larger and firm, nodules and cysts are the two most sever types of acne.

The treatment protocols followed in the treatment of acne can vary from over the counter treatment to more complicated treatment using some advanced dermatology solutions, the simple types of acne like blackhead, white heads, and papules can be treated by over the counter treatments and gentle application of some creams and skin medicines. Nevertheless, the more complicated types of acne like nodules and cysts are treated using advanced treatment protocols such as laser treatments.

Laser treatment techniques are invading these days the field of acne treatment, laser can be used in not only the treatment and elimination of the acne itself, but also in the treatment of the scars left by some types of acne after treatment.

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Finally, the elimination of the reason of the problem is always better than solving it, bad food habits are one of the main reasons behind the development of acne, following an organized healthy diet, contributes a lot in preventing the development of acne.









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