Spider Veins

People are always or improving the appearance and shape of the body. However, the same as any other medical field, the real success cosmetics medical field is when this field can contribute towards solving a real health issue. That is exactly what the new developments in cosmetics field has done when new ways of spider veins treatment is developed.


Spider veins are those small red or blue dilated blood vessels appear on different areas of body, and sometimes they appear on the legs, mainly below the knees, around the ankles, and on the upper tights, they usually appear near to the external layer of skin. Spider veins are mainly caused due to an increase in veins pressure. Also, researches proved that the hereditary factor is affecting the possibility of getting spider veins, but above all, the most common reason for getting these veins is standing for long time with resting, that is why people whom their work requires standing for too many hours are having more tendency to get those veins, such as doctors, nurses, and housewives.

There are other symptoms that spider veins patient experience alongside with the appearance of visible red or blue vessels patchwork, these symptoms are:

  • Inflammation of legs.
  • Heaviness while moving legs.
  • Fatigue in legs and pain during moving.

There are some ways to prevent occurrence of these undesirable veins, such as decreasing the pressure on leg veins through losing some weight, and exercising to improve blood circulation. Nevertheless, once a patient feels pain because of the presence of these veins, treating them becomes crucial, not only because they are hurting, but also due to their undesirable appearance.

Amjad medical is introducing to the field of cosmetics a new technology used in treating spider veins; Fotona’s XP Dynamis device is a completely new device with a high performance and efficiency, a device with non-ablative techniques that uses different combination of laser wavelengths used in treating those veins. Fotona’s XP Dynamis is showing great results in treatment.

Spider veins is mainly considered as a cosmetic issue which in some cases doesn’t affect the daily life functions of the person, but some people are always willing to get rid of them due to their undesirable look, but for some cases these veins are painful beside being undesirable, in this case treating them becomes a must.

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