side effects of body contouring

Do you have obstinate fats or cellulite that won\’t respond to diet and exercise? In case yes and if you are trying to get rid of those fats we will let know about its treatment that is called body contouring. It is an outpatient procedure that eliminates fat and tightens skin on the neck, abdomen, and legs using local anesthesia. So, Body contouring is a procedure aiming to eliminate and reduce fat cells and topical obesity, this procedure is invasive procedure so it has its downtime and involves anesthesia and surgeon. It can reduce fats and to get rid of topical obesity. Also, it can solve cellulite and topical obesity problem. Body contouring is a procedure that contours the body with the doctor removing fat from the belly, and legs but patient should know about side effects of body contouring before deciding going to this procedure. Now let us know about side effects of body contouring


The most common side effects of body contouring are the scarring as it associated with body contouring, for procedure scars are predestined. However, specialist do their best to limit and try to avoid the visibility of these scars. So, they try to hide it along the bikini line, or under breasts.

The following side effects of body contouring is excess fluid, excess fluid is a unique condition related to body contouring it happens as the surplus fluids intercept in the body formed which called “seroma”. The fluid can eliminated easily and it is not a dangerous procedure.

Also over sensation of loathing or qualm is another side effects of body contouring actually it is a reaction to anesthesia. It is not dangerous or infected, and will not last forever, just few weeks and everything will be back to normal.

3d- lipomed is one of the most applied technology used in the aesthetic field especially in body contouring, it causes none of the mentioned side effects of body contouring, so it is considered as a safe non-invasive body contouring option that provides amazing results. 3d- lipomed is a powerful three-dimensional alternative to liposuction, it is unique and probably one of the most advanced systems of its type on the market today. Because it has two of the latest technologies for fat removal, which are Cryolipolysis and Cavitation. And it offers a unique three-dimensional approaching the problem. The three dimensions being fat removal, skin tightening and the treatment of cellulite. Before any 3d-lipo treatment clients receive a personal 1:1 consultation with a qualified therapist during this session. The specialists expressing their experiments with 3d- lipomed by saying: The specialists start looking at various innovative treatments which we could offer our patients and  it was at that time that I began exploring the various treatments that where I found we had fantastic recommendations from other clinics, which are currently using 3d-lipomed we have seen fantastic results from 3d-lipomed in particular for reduction of abdominal circumference  But also in the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening, The combination of 3d-lipos industry standard protocols produces great results.

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