Pigmentation Treatment

One of the major issues concerning many people -males and females- is skin pigmentation; they are always looking for a permanent treatment for skin pigmentation, as skin whitening cosmetic creams are not giving a final solution for this problem, people are seeking other alternatives for pigmentation treatment that might give them the desirable results they are seeking. Everyone is now seeking being well looking, as well as hiding any flaws in his or her faces and bodies. People are becoming more interested in different cosmetic interventions and treatments used to improve their appearance.


Skin pigmentation happens when something wrong happens with the cells responsible for producing the “melanin”, the substance responsible for giving the skin it predetermined homogenous color, when something wrong happens with these cells, excess or over pigmentation happens giving an undesirable skin color.

There are several types of pigmentation, and for the patient to get an appropriate pigmentation treatment, he or she should undergo a specialized skin examination and assessment by a dermatologist specialist. One of these examinations is a digital skin examination called “Sioscopy” to determine the severity, depth, as well as the specific type of pigmentation. After this step, comes the step of determining the right protocol of pigmentation treatment. Everyone having skin pigmentation should know that determining the type of pigmentation he or she has is the most important step in pigmentation treatment, because selecting the wrong type of treatment is very harmful.

One of the most successful methods of pigmentation treatment that is becoming famous these days is pigmentation treatment by laser. It is a new technique that uses laser beams in skin pigmentation treatment, using laser in treating skin pigmentation doesn’t only improves the pigmentation of skin, but also now some laser devices adds other benefits to the patients skin, such as collagen stimulation, skin resurfacing, as well as skin pores refinement.


Amjad medical is now using the latest laser techniques and devices in treating pigmentation, which makes Amjad Medical one of the leading companies in the field. The latest device Amjad medical is introducing is SP Dynamis device with the latest technology of mixing different laser beams with different wavelengths needed for treatment of skin.

Finally, it is always important for any patient to take an action rapidly to treat any arising problem in his or her skin, as delaying treatment is always not useful for the patient, and will not help the patient to get the desired results from this treatment.

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