Permanent hair removal

If you search for permanent hair removal and get ride of the unwanted hair which is a common medical problem that affects both women and men, we can help you by this topic. The excess hair is classified under one of these two types:

  • Hypertrichosis: The growth of body hair in male or female in a natural or abnormal pattern. It may be genetically or because of certain medications, hormones, malnutrition, tumors or metabolic problems.
  • Hirsutism: It is the excess of hair growth in women in a style similar to the masculine style, such as beard growth, moustache and lower abdomen. It may be due to genetic problems, pharmacological or hormonal issues.

Permanent hair removal by laser is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. The technique of permanent hair removal by laser based on directing concentrated light to the hair follicles, where the dyes in the follicle absorb this light, which in turn causes the hair to be destroyed.

Hair usually grows periodically, with each hair passing through three different phases:

  • Anagen: An effective growth phase that determines the length of hair in different areas of the body.
  • Catagen: At this stage the hair growth decreases, the structure of the hair decreases and its blood circulation decreases.
  • Telogen: In this stage, the hair follicle separated and shrunk to one third of its original length and the hair falls automatically.

The permanent hair removal by laser is effective on hairs that are only in catagen, where the cells forming the hair are in a rapid split and the pigment stored in the follicle in the highest quantities. The percentage of hairs varies in each stage according to body regions where hair grows. Because the hairs in any area of ​​the body cannot all be simultaneously in the same phase, laser sessions should be repeated several times so that we can target all hairs.

For this, the best permanent hair removal device you can trust on your body is Amjad Medical\’s Fotona SP Dynamis.

It performs all major aesthetic treatments using one system. The Fotona\’s Nd: YAG wavelength is effective for reaching the deepest layers of skin, while the Er: YAG wavelength is perfect for cleaning surface imperfections to detect visually attractive and long lasting results.


The advantages of using Amjad Medical, laser devices of permanent hair removal are:

  • Precision: Laser can target dark and coarse hair without damaging the adjacent skin.
  • Speed: At each pulse of the laser, you can target many of the hairs during parts of a second. For example, an area above the lip will be treated in less than a minute, and areas with large areas such as the back and the legs take about an hour.
  • Guaranteed results: The hair is permanently removed for 90% of the laser users after three to five sessions.

If you are searching for good cosmetic clinics do not hesitate to visit a clinic that using SP Dynamis from Amjad medical, you have to try this amazing new technique in laser hair removal.


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