Nail Fungus Treatment

A great part of women elegancy could appear through their nails, women pay a great attention to their nails and its health, one of the unpleasant issues that could face any women is nail fungus that is why dermatologists are developing ways for nail fungus treatment .


What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is a kind of fungal infection that attacks nails, is starts with a yellowish white spot under either fingernail or toenail, deterioration of nail fungus causes discoloration for nails, in addition to them being thick and crumbled, successful nail fungus treatment should take place immediately to avoid deterioration.

Reasons of nail fungus:

As mentioned, nail fungus is a kind of infection that happened by fungal organisms, yeast and molds types of fungi could be a reason behind nail fungus. Nail fungus infection is more common among old people, as due to the nails aging they could easily crack which consequently could allow any fungi or infection to enter under nails and cause nail fungus.

Risks behind delayed nail fungus treatment:

Anyone having untreated nail fungus could be subjected to some risks, such as long-term damage to nails, also in some case – especially old people – it could lead to more sever kinds of infections. Moreover, if a person that is experiencing diabetes disease is having nail fungus infection, it could lead to severe complications as well, that is way treatment should immediately take place on a person is infected.

Prevention of nail fungus:

There could be some proactive protective actions that could be taken to avoid being infected by nail fungus, but if infection happens, nail fungus treatment becomes necessary.

Protective action such as always washing hands and feet in a proper way, with paying more attention to cleaning nails itself not only the skin of hands and feet, also trimming nails on a regular basis is a method of protection from nail fungus.

Amjad Medical and nail fungus treatment:

Amjad Medical is always introducing new solutions for many skin problems, and one of the new problems that Amjad medical has developed a solution for, is nail fungus infection. Fotona SP Dynamis device could be now used in a successful nail treatment by laser; this makes nail fungus treatment easier, in addition to guaranteeing better result for a longer time.

Amjad Medical is becoming a market leader when it comes to medical laser devices, Amjad Medical’s devices are covering a very wide range of devices that are now used in many dermatology clinics in Gulf and MENA regions.

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