laser for wrinkles reviews

If aging, acne scars, or effect of the sun over the years  lifted your face with blotches, scars, wrinkles, or fine lines, laser skin resurfacing may help your skin look smoother, younger and more healthy. Laser skin resurfacing removes layers of the skin cautiously. in order to get rid of the old, damaged, exhausted cells. And generating new skin cells that form of recovery and give the skin a smoother, younger looking surface.So, we will try to have a look on laser for wrinkles reviews.

Laser for wrinkles is a noninvasive procedure designed and aimed to get rid of the facial wrinkles, skin irregularities, like blemish, acne scars, and pigments and in some cases, treat the fine lines and ageing signs on the face and body. This procedure can be done in clinics under the supervision of specialists or doctors.

Let us know how does laser for wrinkles work? And what are laser for wrinkles reviews ? On the laser operational aspect for wrinkles it is simply that the laser energy at resurfacing procedure is absorbed by water in the skin leading to either vaporization or heat damage within the superficial and deeper layers of the skin.  The damaged and old Collagen and elastin, which are damaged because of years and aging and sun exposure, are removed and replaced by the new, healthier collagen and surface epithelium. Lifting anew rejuvenated   smoother, brighter, and younger skin.

What about laser for wrinkles reviews ?

One of the patient reviewed laser for wrinkles by saying that: She wanted to get rid of the lip or mouth wrinkles, and recently she did it, she is fifty-seven years old and any one can notice and see the wrinkles she had, but doctors advised her to try the laser non-invasive treatment, and she did. Now she is so happy with the results, she said: the laser was not too painful, and at the night of the treatment I used ice to help the swelling.

Another lady when she was asked about her laser for wrinkles reviews, she answered she is about twenty-nine years old and she spent two years trying to freeze the fine lines all along me under eye. Or to get rid of the fine line by siding Botox or filler, but when she visited the doctor he advised her and told her about the best treatment for under eye wrinkles which is laser resurfacing. she preferred resurfacing laser for this (tunable erbium). fractional or full field carbon dioxide resurfacing because it can give excellent results as well.


Fotona SP Lasers


Fotona SP Dynamis of laser systems are designed to do various aesthetic treatments. Fotona is combining two complementary laser wavelengths that offers a multi-purpose system that gives us a wide range of applications in aesthetics, surgery and gynecology. Fotona’s Nd:YAG wavelength is very effective for the deepest skin’ layers. On the other side comes the Er:YAG wavelength systems which are used for surface lines of the skin in order to achieve visually attractive and long-lasting results.


There are three simple and effective solutions for skin resurfacing that can be optimized by using SP-Dynamis. These three procedures can improve skin smoothness and give it a healthier fresher look.


The first step is Conditioning by using Nd: YAG beam is passed along the skin surface twice; the first one pass provides a short stimulus to your skin, the second pass the inside tissue and causing deep FRAC3® that heats and conditions the skin for very effective fractional treatment therapy.


Second Step is the fractional therapy; in this step, the old skin will be ablated away by a fractional ER: YAG laser. The precise micro ablated channels will be replaced with new one, which is more tight and healthy tissue that seems to be new skin. By the third and last step which called Peeling a light full ER: YAG beam is ablating the skin and removes superficial imperfections that finishes the treatment.


For more information about Fotona SP Dynamis and SP Dynamis please click here or follow the links below:

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