Laser Scar Removal

Non-surgical cosmetic operations are invading the field of plastic and cosmetic surgeries recently. Simply they are several methods used by plastic surgeons in plastic surgeries that do not need invasive procedures, or anesthesia. One of these most famous cosmetic interventions used by plastic surgeons nowadays is laser scar removal. Laser scar removal is the process of using laser beams on a trial to fix or repair old scars in any areas of the body.


A scar is always an undesirable reminder for anyone about a previous health condition such as a surgery, wound caused by an accident, inflammation, or infection. A scar always looks red initially and after a while, it starts looking sunken, flat, or lumpy which pushes the patient to think directly about going through laser scar removal procedures to repair a scar’s effect.

The applications and technologies or laser scar removal has become very advanced nowadays, to the extent where much can be done in skin treatment. Laser skin removal or diminishing are performed in skin care clinics as well as dermatologists’ clinics, after laser treatment, the scars can be significantly diminished and in some cases they can be totally eliminated. There are three main types of laser treatment for skin:

  • Fractional laser resurfacing
  • Ablative laser resurfacing
  • Non ablative laser resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing uses tiny light beams to penetrate skin of the scar deeply to result in hundreds of microscopic holes representing removed skin in the affected area that are surrounded by healthy skin, these holes are stimulating collagen production within the deep skin layers. The healthy skin surrounding the affected area help in increasing the rate of healing of the damaged area.

Ablative laser resurfacing

In ablative laser resurfacing a high-powered laser beam used to remove the top layer of the scarred skin, this laser beam is also used to smoothen and tighten the deeper skin layers.

Non-ablative resurfacing

In non-ablative resurfacing, dermatologists are using infrared laser beams to heat the middle skin layers without touching the surface skin layer. The target of this technique is the promotion of collagen production and the reproduction of new skin cells to replace the scarred dead skin cells.

Amjad medical is representing several applications for laser scar removal. One of the latest technologies Amjad medical is introducing lately is the Fotona’s SP Dynamis that is designed to perform different cosmetic procedures that are using laser beams with different wavelengths.

Finally, with the several options of scar laser removal, determining the most suitable method to be used is a decision that should be taken by the dermatologist based on the history of the patient’s scar.

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