Is Laser resurfacing painful

If you need to do any laser session, you would be mostly asking, is laser resurfacing painful or not? A patient said, actually, I searched a lot about this point as I personally needed to do facial laser resurfacing and I was afraid of the bad consequences and the pain as well. I found many different comments about this topic, as there are many people that have done some laser resurfacing operations, but some of them said that “the results were amazing’’ and there was no pain, while few of them said “It was not as good as expected”; That was so frustrating for me’.


So, there are many different opinions about that. Some people says that it is painful while other do not, but I really found that most of the comments were positive and that have encouraged me to do it. I read about a 76 years old woman that have a positive experience with laser resurfacing; this woman had very bad wrinkles in her face in the past and she was very broken up about that, but after the laser sessions, she looks like a 25 woman and she have a beautiful smile without pain. So, it is a good encouraging case for everyone needs to have laser treatments.

Is laser resurfacing painful ?

Absolutely, it is not painful. Many doctors answered the question’’ Is laser resurfacing painful or not?’’ No, it is not and the pain depends on the laser type itself. As there are many types of laser treatments and devices for example CO2 laser and YAG lasers where previously local anesthetic injections were used to keep the patient comfortable; but nowadays those injections are replaced with topical cream such as the one used with the non- ablative laser treatments that just needs some topical cream to keep the patient comfortable.

As I said previously the pain depends on the laser type; the type of the device and the laser specialist and the patient’s skin type as well.

So, I will give you some advises to avoid the bad results of using laser treatments:

First of all, you should select a professional laser doctor and a laser center with good reputation. Secondly, you should select the appropriate laser device that can achieve the best results with no or little pain; you will need to ask your doctor about his recommendations. The third advice is to read a lot about laser treatments before making the decision and read many comments about that, in order to find the best answer for your question: is laser resurfacing painful ?

Finally, I just need to say according to my personal search that there are many laser machines that can achieve good result with no pain, but on top of them is the SP Dynamis by Fotona that introduce effective solutions for skin resurfacing with no pain.

That was the opinion given by one of the patients treated by SP Dynamis, for more information and details about SP Dynamis please visit the link below:

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