Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men and women has become one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the beauty world, and its popularity continues to grow day by day, not only by women but by men as well.

Although hair removal and the desire to have a smooth skin are inherent qualities of women, men may need such operations if they have thick hair, get rid of the armpit hair, pubic or facial hair and possibly get rid of the body hair as a whole. Young men are seeking to get rid of the distinctive hairs and they desire smooth complexion.


Laser hair removal is one of the most ancient processes of modernity, where the first operation was performed in 1990. It was a very difficult and slow process at that time, but later on it evolved into different types of laser processes such as laser hair removal, it becomes more accurate, faster and less side damaging.

How laser works in hair removal

Laser hair removal is based on the use of a high-energy ultra-light beam that directs the beam to the roots of the hair and destroys it completely, as the sun attracts dark-colored clothing, laser beam attracts black hair more than others. Therefore, results were slightly better with dark-hair men compared to blonde hair. However, nowadays everyone can get excellent results, thanks to the new medical laser technologies.

There are several medical laser systems that can be used in Laser hair removal for men, the selection of the most appropriate system is based on different factors such as skin type, type of hair and the targeted body area. The systems may differ from each other\’s according to the efficiency and the speed performance.

Red Laser \”RUBY LASER\”

It is the first type of laser used in laser hair removal for men, which is absorbed by the melanin very high, so it gives good results in the removal of light blonde hair of white people, as any proportion of melanin can absorb the laser beam of this device.

It is not recommended to use this device for people with dark skin and black hair as it may lead to burns in the skin due to the absorption of large amounts of energy by the dye of melanin, which is high in the skin of these. Hair removal using this type of laser takes longer time. With a slow frequency and a small beam diameter, it becomes a high-cost technique.



The fastest laser technology used to remove hair, is characterized by high frequency factor as well as the large diameter of the laser beam so it can remove hair from very large parts of the body in a short time but it also suits the most blonde hair.


Laser diode \”DIODE LASER\”

It is characterized by large wavelengths capable of penetrating the layers of the skin is safe and suitable for people with dark skin and black hair, despite the length of the wave but the diameter of a small beam so it takes a long treatment, which leads also to high cost.


It has a large diameter and has a high frequency factor so it can be used to remove hair from large areas of the body in a short time. In addition, it can be used to remove all hair types, but it is less effective in the owners of white skin and light-blonde hair.

Laser Intensive Frequency Light (IPL)

It is used to a very limited degree in hair removal these days as it is used only to treat skin pigmentation. The laser can be used to remove the hair of the men\’s body from any area containing excess hair undesirable without exception, and with the technological development, laser hair removal for men can be removed without any risk.

Laser hair removal done for men can be of different ages and does not represent any danger. The doctor takes care of the type of hair and skin when using laser technology.

The best Laser device for laser hair removal for men is XP Dynamis:

The 1064 nm wavelength has been proven to provide comfort and deliver exceptional efficiency at the same time and long-term success, greatly reducing the recovery period. Especially in treatments of laser hair removal for men

XP dynamis and laser beam The Nd: YAG is compatible with the scanner and supports upper handpieces to improve the speed, performance, safety and efficiency of a wide range of treatments in a large area. Moreover, the innovative and new Fotona piano system enables the effective penetration of the thermal effects of Nd: YAG, while at the same time maintaining a safe and comfortable skin.

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