How many sessions for laser hair removal ?

How many sessions for laser hair removal ?


If you decide to subject to laser hair removal sessions you have to ask about how many sessions for laser hair removal you’ll need to get satisfied clinical results.

Nowadays, Laser hair removal has become very effective and one of the most preferred methods, as it’s safe, effective, and more permanent than any other method such as waxing, plucking, shaving, and electrolysis. Also, prices are pretty reasonable in most communities. The easiest person to treat for laser hair removal has darker hair on lighter skin. But there are now lasers such as (Nd:YAG) that great hair removal results of dark hair on dark skin.

The laser emits a very specific beam of light at a wavelength that is targeted at melanin in the hair and/or at the follicle growth center (called the hair bulb). Melanin is the material that gives color to our hair and skin. The laser beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. Therefore, the ideal candidate for this procedure has hair that is darker than his skin color. If the skin and hair color are too similar, it confuses some lasers. Darker skin needs “long-wave” hair-removal lasers like the YAG laser. They are safer if you have darker skin because it won’t cause damage to the skin trying to get rid of the hair.

For comfortable experience during your treatment, some laser centers will provide you with a topical numbing cream which you can apply before a treatment. If you are using the cream yourself, never apply numbing cream under the wrap and never apply it to any area larger than your hand. While other laser centers will use a cooling machine (Zimmer cooler) during the treatment to make the experience more comfortable. Treatments can take from minutes to hours, depending on the size of the treatment area.

How many sessions for laser hair removal ? After three to seven treatments initially, most women and men report that their expectations have been met and the hair growth pattern is much, much less. In some areas, in addition to the decrease in the number of hair, the hair become very fine and light in color. No laser clinic should claim that all of the hair will be permanently eradicated. Most patients will need a touch-up 1-4 times a year to maintain the improvement. Expect to need more treatments if you have any history of irregular periods, polycystic ovary disease, gray or white hairs, or a family history of excessive hair. About 5 percent of patients are resistant to any type of hair removal laser. It is very important to have a realistic expectation regarding individual results of hair removal. No hair-removal system anywhere is “permanent.”

When you ask  your medical specialist about how many sessions for laser hair removal he will attract your attention to some instructions that you should stick to them, and different laser hair removal systems do vary. So, it is important to follow your provider’s directions. But here are some general guidelines common to many laser hair removal treatments:

  1. Do not tan. Tanning of any type changes the laser settings and is the most common cause of blistering after laser hair removal. Do not use self-tanners one to two weeks before a treatment.
  2. No plucking, electrolysis, bleaching or depilatories should be performed at least two weeks prior to treatment. The hair must be present, a short stubble, and with its natural hair color in order to be treated effectively.
  3. For waxing, centers differ so ask your provider.
  4. Shaving is fine up until a few days before your treatment.
  5. All makeup and lotion should be removed prior to treatment.

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