Hemanigoma Vascular Birthmark

All types of malformation are a great concern for people having them, as everyone is definitely keen on having a good physical appearance without any malformations, that is why plastic surgery field is not only concerned with people looking for improving their looking, but also with helping those people suffering from severe malformations that are affecting them physically, and psychologically. One of the most common malformations that are always requiring the intervention of plastic surgeons are hemanigoma vascular birthmark .


Hemanigoma is considered a kind of common vascular birthmark for skin tumor that is non-cancerous (benign), hemanigoma or hemanigoma vascular birthmark commonly happens at birth or at the early stages of birth. Almost 60% of Hemanigoma vascular birthmark appear in the areas of head and neck as a reddish lump, and they occur mostly in females than males.

Hemanigoma vascular birthmark are not only undesirable for being a malformation in appearance, but they can affect physical functions for bodies and cause severe consequences, that’s why early intervention is required for treating these birthmarks.

Reasons of hemanigoma vascular birthmark:

So far, the science is unable to determine the specific reason behind the occurrence of hemanigoma vascular birthmark; even parents are not responsible for inheriting these birthmarks to their children. That is why there is a great concern of treating this type of birthmark no matter was the reason behind it.

Sometimes, hemanigoma vascular birthmark are threatening, as they are not only an external reddish lump that is undesirably looking, but sometimes they are extending under the skin and negatively affecting organs and their functions such as breathing, eating, hearing, speaking, etc.

Can hemanigoma become cancerous?

Many people are worried about the tendency of hemanigoma vascular birthmark to turn into a cancerous tumor, and this question is one of the main questions asked to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The answer is that hemanigoma is rarely turning into a cancerous tumor, and sometimes they shrink and decrease in size without interventions.

Treatment of hemanigoma:

Hemanigoma vascular birthmark is treated by plastic surgeries that are preferably to be held at the early stages after birth. Amjad Medical proudly introduces Fotona StarWalker MaQX the leading medical laser system that is used in treating and removing the hemanigoma birthmarks. Fotona StarWalker provides safe treatment with very high efficiency and achieves great results. For more information about Fotona StarWalker please visit the link below:


You are also invited to watch the video below that demonstrates different treatments delivered by Fotona StarWalker MaQX with before and after results:

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