Frequent Urination at Night

Many people might experience the frequent urination at night issue, and this is often an annoying issue for people, as it obligates them to wake up in the middle of night for urination.


Reasons of frequent urination at night:

There could be different reasons behind frequent urination at night, diabetes is one of the biggest reasons; and people experiencing diabetes are more likely to wake up at night for urination.

Frequent urination is a famous issue among kids up to 10 years, and this is mainly due to weakness of pelvic muscles.

Another reason behind frequent urination at night is hypertension, or high blood pressure, hypertension patients are also experiencing this frequent urination if they are not taking their medications regularly.

Weakness in bladder and pelvic muscles around bladder might a little weak, which leads to less control on urination.

Other than medical reasons, there are some physical reasons behind frequent urination, such as pregnancy for women, but this is considered as a temporary case, after delivery, women might no longer experience frequent urination.

Certain types of food as well if eaten at night could cause frequent urination at night.

Ways to stop frequent urination at night:

There are some ways that could be used to stop frequent urination; some medications are taken to stop frequent urination, for diabetic and hypertension, patients if they take their medicines regularly, they might stop face this problem.

While on the other side if the reason behind frequent urination is due to weaknesses in stomach and bladder muscles, there are some physical exercises that strengthens the pelvic muscles.

The most famous physical exercises is Kegel exercises; they are exercises that are widely used to strengthen pelvic muscles that will lead to more control over urination.

Exercises sometimes take a lot of time to show results, science has been used to develop another treatment for frequent urination issue, Tesla Care is one of the revolutionary devices that are used now in the treatment of frequent urination.

Tesla Care is a device that uses magnetic stimulation to tighten and strengthen pelvic muscles, this device ensures an instant result which is now being preferred my most people due to the instant results.

Amjad Medical is one of the leading companies that are introducing Tesla Care device to medical centers in KSA and Gulf Region, Amjad Medical is introducing a group of revolutionary laser devices and non-invasive devices that are used widely in the skin and cosmetics field.

For more information about Tesla Care, please follow the link below:

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