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March 10, 2019
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Spider Vein treatment

Spider Vein treatment

Spider Vein treatment

Before we talk about spider vein treatment , let us know little information about spider vein, spider vein are common conditions that affect many adults, especially, affect woman more often than man is.

Spider Vein treatment

Spider Vein treatment

Spider veins appear most often on the legs and become more prevalent with age, prolonged sitting / standing, obesity, pregnancy, hormone therapy, birth control pills, spider vein are clusters of small vessels of blood that appear close to the skin surface, they are often red, blue or purple.


There are many ways to treat the spider vein,

The spider vein treatment: first one support stocking, also called compression stocking help to treat spider vein treatment , it’s easy way you can use it at home to help alleviate symptoms in the legs, compression stockings improve the circulation process through increasing the legs’ pressure, you can find them in drug stores and medical supply facilities.


The second one, exercise program, these also a kind of spider vein treatment, regular exercise and weight loss can help to relieve the symptoms of spider vein. Sometimes these treatments not make you reach the result you want for spider vein treatment, so, there’s another spider vein treatment ”

There is another spider vein treatment “scleoro therapy” is common procedure and it is very effective in eliminating the majority of spider vein, it is a liquid of solutions injection its affect directly into veins to collapse and eventually fade away, the side effects of these process include bleeding and swelling.


There’s also spider vein treatment , laser therapy, laser therapy is one of the best spider vein treatment, uses focused beam of light that heats and damages the affected blood vessel and which eventually fades.


These spider vein treatment have side effects include swelling around the treated area and skin discoloration.


Spider vein treatment offer tips to reduce your chances of developing the spider vein, your chances of developing the spider vein, the spider vein treatment for prevention include, exercising regularly, maintain a healthy weight, avoid crossing your legs, avoid wearing right fitting clothing around your waist and legs.


If you are searching for a good treatment, do not hesitate to visit a clinic that uses Fotona SP Dynamis device, which is considered as one of the last devices introduced by Amjad Medical to the market.


Amjad medical is one of the leading companies in KSA and gulf region in providing devices that are used for the spider vein treatment .


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