What causes forehead acne?

What causes forehead acne?


Acne is a skin disease, that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. It commonly occurs during puberty. the glands are stimulated by male hormones produced by the adrenal glands of both males and females. Acne is not your fault all the time, sometimes it caused by external factors such as food, skin care regimen or exercises. and on other times it caused by oily skin, or combination of physiological factors as well. They also develop far beneath the skin’s surface that is beyond our control. Also, it may be accrued because of certain medicine. So we need to define what causes forehead acne?

There are also more reasons of what causes forehead acne?

  • Cheap cosmetics:Forehead acne may be caused by certain makeup or hair products that may not suit the skin. as chemicals in certain shampoos, sprays or gels and other hair styling and straightening products that are notorious for causing acne.
  • Over Exfoliation may result in acne and irritation. It’s better to limit it twice a week.
  • Popping zits: popping the zits can cause the bacteria to spread and cause even more acne. Excoriated acne may occur when you have the habit of constantly touching your face to peel blemishes or remove blackheads which can only aggravate the condition.
  • Digestive Problems: the digestive problems are considered one of the most important reasons that can be an answer of what causes forehead acne ? which can be treated by consuming healthy foods and drinking lots of water and include green, leafy vegetables and fruits in dietary. Avoiding fried foods and artificial tasters, fats and chocolate and exercising regularly helps too.


  • Stress is also an important reason that causes forehead acne and other body illnesses.


  • These are some and not all of reasons of what causes forehead acne? As there are many other reasons such as hormonal and the genetic reasons. Which is more difficult to deal with it as it related to the age and progress of your body.

There are some tips to prevent acne

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry and don’t scrub.
  • Wash your hair often. If your hair is greasy, use a shampoo designed for oily skin/ greasy hair.
  • Avoid using oils or pomade products on your hair.
  • Avoid wearing headbands or hats with brims that touch your forehead.
  • Keep your hands away from your skin. Every time you touch your face, you introduce bacteria that can get into your pores.
  • If you do have to touch your forehead, wash your hands first.
  • Don’t use products that can irritate the skin, like cleansers that contain alcohol.

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