Acne Scar Treatment

A well looking face is all what everybody is always looking for, especially for women, every woman is always aiming for a flawless facial skin. One of the major threats for a flawless facial skin is the acne scars. The scars resulting after treating acne are always an unfavorable sign that everyone wants to get rid of. There are several ways for acne scar treatment; the most familiar way is applying cosmetic creams on the scar, but all the ordinary cosmetic ways for acne scar treatment are not that effective, that is why acne scar treatment by laser is becoming the most favorite option for those people want to get rid of these scars forever.


Some people are having more risk of getting acne scar after their acne are treatment. People who squeeze or pop acne are increasing the risk of this acne leaving a scar after squeezing or popping it. Also those who delay taking actions towards treating inflammatory acne properly, and one more strange reason for the presence of acne scars is genes, if someone has a blood relative who has acne scar, this increases the tendency of this one getting acne scars as well.

The acne scar is considered an after acne automatic healing process the skin does spontaneously after an acne is treated, because when the acne appears on skin this means that the acne is penetrating the skin deeply causing a damage to several skin layers. After the disappearance of the acne, the skin tries to repair itself through producing collagen, if this collagen is produced excessively or insufficiently, a scar appears.

As mentioned above, most of the ways used in treating acne scar were applying cosmetic creams to treat the affected areas. Nevertheless, these ways were not always giving desirable results. For this reason, acne scar treatment by laser is now used widely in acne scar treatment.

Acne scar treatment by laser is using laser beams with different wavelengths to stimulate collagen production in the affected areas of skin, as well as renewing the layers of skin.

In Amjad Medical, we are using a new device “SP Dynamis”, it is considered one of the latest devices developed to treat acne scars using laser beams, and it gives very good results and eliminates the acne scars permanently.

It is always recommended not to wait for too long before taking the decision of treating acne scars, the earlier taking the decision, the better the results.

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