Acne scar removal

Acne could cause major effects varies from one person to another, if you are of one those people who might be suffering from acne or acne scars, you should read to know more about the acne scar removal.

In this article, we will help you identify the types and methods of treating acne scars and the different types of acne scar removal.

When it comes to preventing any potential scars of acne that is currently active in your skin, you can, by following simple steps, reduce the chances of permanent scars on your face if you:

  • Go to the dermatologist to provide you with therapeutic solutions and start this in the early stages of acne.
  • Never mess with the acne and try to avoid touching your skin as much as possible.
  • Keep your face skin clean, in addition to being always keen on following and using the right skincare routine and products.


Many skin experts believe that messing with acne may be the cause of many cases of scars, signs and effects after the acne treatment.


When it comes to acne scar treatment, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Results might not be fast and perfect:

Whatever the type of treatment and the nature of your scars, you should not expect it to disappear completely after treatment, but the treatment will certainly improve its appearance in different degrees.
Therefore, you have to be psychologically prepared when you start treatment and tell yourself that the goal behind using this treatment is to improve how the acne scars look, but not to completely treat them.


  1. Results of acne scare treatment most often vary from one person to another:

The experience of the doctor who is performing the treatment for you and the how much he is experienced in this area and keep up with the latest scientific discoveries and new devices and treatments.

  • The nature of your skin and how responsive is it.


Types of acne scars:
There are different types of scars left by acne, and these are the most important ones:

  • Ice Pick Scars:

The scars of the acne in this type look like small holes in the skin, somewhat similar to the marks caused by the ice picker in the snow.

When the body does not produce enough collagen after exposing the skin to a wound or inflammation, it may form scars. This type of scars is the most difficult type of acne scars, as it needs more than laser devices of acne scar removal.

The treatment of the scars can focuse on filling the holes with collagen either naturally or synthetically.

  • Boxcar scars:

This type of scars appear to be a deep drill in the skin, somewhat similar to the previous type but more extensive. These scars appear when the body does not produce sufficient amounts of collagen as the skin recovers from acne.

A laser device that is very effective for the Boxcar scars is the acne scar removal from Amjad Medical: fotona SP Dynamis. Specialists recommend this device because it cleans the surface of the skin better and more accurately than any other laser. The energy of Er: YAG in it is absorbent in water – which is the main purpose of the pigment that rejuvenates the skin so that the skin vapor is done and a little heat is connected. This keeps the undesirable effects such as hypochondria and recovery time to a minimum. The Fotona property in the SP Dynamis can be changed from cold to hot. These full control capabilities allow the dermatologist/you to meet the wishes and needs of the patient/yourself.

Therefore, if you are seeking for the best result for scar removal, search for a clinic that is uses Fotona SP Dynamis.

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We advise also Edge One device from Jeisys, which is used for treating acne scars and removing wrinkles, stretch Mark and tighten the skin, skin peeling and remove the effects of scars and wounds.


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