Abdominal Scar Revision Cost

Scars are those sings left in the body due to several reasons; scars could be due to a surgery, a burn, or an injury, Through this article you will know more specifically about abdominal scar, and abdominal scar revision cost . Plastic surgeries field is showing a great development on almost a daily basis, and one of the most important things plastic surgeries interfere to improve nowadays is the revision of scars all over the body


Abdominal scars, the most common type of scars occurring because of different types of surgeries, such as cesarean scar of either delivery or other surgical intervention for any abdominal organ.

Abdominal scars types:

  • Thin and flat abdominal scar, known as “atrophic” scars.
  • Red and thick abdominal scar, known as “Hypertrophic” scars.
  • Abdominal scars resulting when a big area of skin is lost, known as “contracture” scars.

Abdominal scar revision:

Abdominal scar revision means the use of plastic surgery techniques to eliminate or remove the sign of the abdominal scars, females with abdominal scars are the more portion of people looking for revising the abdominal scars to get rid of their signs, abdominal scars might not be totally removed, but after revision they fade out a lot.

Nowadays, non-invasive methods of plastic surgeries are showing a great development specifically in the field of abdominal scar revision, laser devices are now used to revise abdominal scars, and great results are achieved by these non-surgical methods. Among the huge range of medical laser systems Fotona SP Dynamis by Amjad Medical comes on top of the list for scar revision treatments.

Abdominal scar revision cost :

Abdominal scar revision cost depends on two main factors; the first factor is the type of the abdominal scar, each type of the above abdominal scars is having a different revision cost, as the duration of treatment differs from one type to the other. Definitely the smother the scar, the easier the treatment, which consequently means less cost.

The second factor affecting the abdominal scar revision cost is the type of laser medical system used in the abdominal scar revision, as each type of abdominal scar is having its own way of treatment; also, the system used differ based on the type of abdominal scar, which consequently mean a variation in the abdominal scar revision cost. Furthermore the medical laser systems differs in terms of efficiency, safety and quality, which in-turn affects the abdominal scar revision cost .

Amjad Medical:

Amjad medical is now one of the leading medical laser system providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for many skin care clinics and plastic surgeons, with the wide range of laser devices used in abdominal scar revision. Amjad medical proudly introduces Fotona SP Dynamis the leading medical laser system in treatment of scars; Fotona SP Dynamis capable to deliver highly remarkable results compared to other alternatives.

For more information about Fotona SP Dynamis please visit the link below:


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